8 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas For A Sexy Night In

8 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas For A Sexy Night In

Staying at home doesn't have to be a chore. Staying in and planning a date night at home has a lot of advantages: you don't have to worry about other people, rushing to make your restaurant reservation, the weather, or taking an expensive Uber home; plus, planning something special makes time spent at home with your partner feel new and exciting.

Our date night ideas for couples at home range from the sweet to the sensual, whether you don't have the option of going out or just want a cosier version of a romantic evening. Here's some inspiration to make your next date night the finest one yet, starting with the innocent and gradually heating up...

Recreate a Fancy Restaurant Experience

Are you looking for a unique way to make a date night at home truly memorable? Why not duplicate the dining experience at home? We're talking about going all out, pulling out your best tableware, lighting some candles, and creating a feeling so good you'll forget you're at home.

On different nights, you and your spouse can take turns creating your own themed restaurants. Decorate to your heart's content, create a theme, and devise a menu (or a plan to order restaurant delivery — we won't tell if you don't!) as well as planning a dating night at home. Prepare separately, as if you're going to the most upscale restaurant, and arrange to meet downstairs at a specific time; you can even meet for a 'pre-dinner' drink in the lounge before proceeding to the ‘restaurant.' Why not prepare a feast packed full of aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood for love?

Have an Indoor Picnic


Bring the picnic to you if you can't get outside for a picnic! Turn up the heat, spread a blanket on your living room floor, crank up the music, and enjoy recreating a wonderful summer day - regardless of the season or weather! Make a typical picnic, crack open the Prosecco, and become romantic by feeding strawberries and chocolate to each other.

Why not enjoy a picnic in your favourite kinky lingerie – stockings or hold ups encouraged! – to turn it into a filthy date? When else can you go on a picnic in your underwear?! Plus, once things get hot, you won't have to travel far to get to your bedroom!

Create a Sensual at-Home Spa Evening

A spa day at home is ideal for unwinding, relaxing, and then cranking up the heat. Light some candles or aromatherapy oils, apply face masks, and – if you have a huge bathtub! – enjoy a romantic candle-lit bath while listening to music and drinking wine.

Oil up and give each other massages to take things up a level. There are many lessons online, and even if you don't have the abilities of a professional therapist, using some sensual massage oils will make everything feel amazing. Bring a wand massager into the mix to make your romantic date night at home a little steamier. A wand isn't just for relaxing tight muscles; it also promises all-round enjoyment when used on erogenous zones or for direct clitoral stimulation!

Have a Fun Couple’s Games Night

There are a variety of date night games to play at home that will help you turn an everyday evening into something memorable for the two of you, whether you're thinking classic or erotic. Keep it traditional with board games, or kick it up a notch with some sensual games to play at home.

Strip poker is usually a good time – and a good reason to show off some new or seductive underwear! If cards aren't your thing, think beyond the box. There are many exciting ways to get out of your clothes and into the bedroom on your sexy games night, from strip chess to strip Jenga.

Do a Sexy Striptease

If you're seeking novel date night ideas, try giving a sensual burlesque striptease instead of the standard "dinner and a movie" night in. The art of the revelation is crucial to burlesque. You don't have to be a great dancer to put on a performance for your partner — just embrace your sexuality, have fun, and put on a show for them.

Choose some exquisite burlesque undergarments, including glamorous nipple tassels, and learn how to tassel twirl for the complete burlesque experience — we swear, it'll be a night the two of you will never forget!

Try a New Sex Position

We know, sex on a dating night is revolutionary. But when was the last time you experimented with a sex position other than cowgirl or doggy? Anyone over the age of 69? Or do you think you've mastered The Butter Churner? Our sex position guidelines are jam-packed with unique and intriguing sex positions that can quickly turn a date night at home a little sexier and a lot more imaginative! And if you don't get it right the first time, that's all the more reason to try again the next day! Staying in has never been so pleasurable.

Turn Up the Heat with Couples Sex Toys


Are you seeking for a new method to pump up the heat with your spouse, or have you always wanted to explore sex toys with them? A date night in, is the perfect opportunity to close the curtains, get a good night's sleep, and explore each other.

There are so many different sex toys for couples that you're sure to find something that will curl both of your toes. Are you just getting started? A basic couples sex toy set, such as a cock ring, is ideal. Do you want to go a little deeper? Get ready for some serious satisfaction with anal toys, jiggle balls, dildos, and strap ons.

Do you want to learn more about the greatest sex toys for your relationship? Everything you need to know about sex toys is included in our Couple's Guide to Sex Toys.

Try Out a New Fantasy

What is one fantasy you've always wanted to attempt but haven't yet? Use an at-home date night to devote a whole evening to your wants. Maybe there's a role play scenario that always gets you all worked up? Take a peek at our role play costumes to see if something sparks your interest. Or perhaps you've always been intrigued by the concept of bondage or power play? Our Beginners Guide to Bondage and BDSM will get you started on your kinky journey.

Now is the perfect time to talk to your lover about your craziest desires, explore them, and enjoy something new and exciting in the bedroom.

The most crucial component of any date is spending quality one-on-one time with your partner, regardless of how you plan to make the most of your night in. And, although we're not suggesting you'll never want to go out on a date again, arranging a date night in has never been more fun.

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