Give Yourself Some Love

Give Yourself Some Love

We're swiping left in our dating app in honour of all the single individuals out there, and focusing on the most important relationship we'll ever have, the one with yours truly.

While it's easy to spread love to everyone we know, it's also vital to stretch our legs and get to know ourselves better (inside and out).

In this blog, we'll show you how to take care of yourself in a variety of ways, from new toys to quality alone time.

Seduce Yourself

You don't have to skip out on a little holiday romance just because you're single. While many of us may bang one out in front of a marathon of Married at First Sight, it's important to establish the tone for a truly fantastic solitary session.

We're not suggesting you dress up in lingerie and eat a pail of chocolate-covered strawberries (although that does sound fabulous). Taking the time to unwind, disengage, and stimulate yourself can lead to a tremendous amount of self-love.

Adding a little sensuality to your night in can be as simple as lighting some scented candles (to engage all of your senses), dimming the lights, and watching a film that you know gets your engine rolling.

Treat Yourself

While it's simple to spend money on the people we care about, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

It may be time to splurge, whether you've never had a sex toy before or have an old trusty that's been holding on for years. Vibrators and prostate massagers, for example, are becoming increasingly advanced, which means your damaged old bullet vibrator may be seriously out of date.

It doesn't imply you don't deserve the best sexual pleasure just because you don't have a partner right now. There's no reason to not be experiencing fantastic orgasms on a daily basis when you have incredible options like Fleshlight, the Greedy Girl, and Womanizer on the market.

Love Yourself

We understand that loving yourself can be a full-time effort in this harsh world. But it's work that's worth doing. Why? Because, let's face it, if you can't love yourself, how can you possibly love anyone else?

Self-love stems from embracing your body's and mind's flaws, as well as pledging to care for oneself unconditionally. There are no lotions or potions that can accomplish this; it must originate from within. Taking the time to pamper your body, skin, and senses, on the other hand, is an excellent place to start on the path to self-love.

Self-love is as simple as scheduling a long soak in the tub rather than a quick shower. It is an act of self-love to fill your home with smells that make you feel tranquil and sumptuous. And (surprise, surprise) spending a good old session exploring all the settings on your vibrator is an act of self-love.

Time Alone is a Gift

Life can be chaotic at times. It doesn't take much to feel burnt out, whether you're caring for your family or attempting to juggle a slew of social engagements - which is why time alone is such a blessing.

Whatever self-love means to you, whether it's an all-night ménage-à-moi or a small private treat only for you, make sure you put your sexual happiness first.

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