How to clean your sex toys

How to clean your sex toys

A study was carried out and it found that 28% of people never cleaned their sex toys. Now apart from the obvious adverse health implications and complications, this is also just gross!


If not done properly, there is a possibility of yeast infections, bacterial build up and even STI’s to name but a few and this likelihood increases if shared between partners (Yes, male and female)!


Also, even if you do clean you sex toys, are you doing it properly? With an abundance of materials available and each posing their own germ harbouring concerns, your favourite toys could be harbouring bacterial nasties despite your best efforts!


Sex toys can be made from various different materials, including wood, stainless steel and ABS plastic which we are going to cover in this article.


How to clean a Vibrator

Before you do anything, you need to find out if it is waterproof. You don’t want to ruin you favourite friend by exposing it to water when it is not waterproof. Some vibrators cannot be submerged in water due to their electronics so be certain before you take the plunge.


If you are unsure, do some googling, check the manual that came with it or call the manufacturer if you are really stuck.


Waterproof Vibrators

100% waterproof Vibrators are obviously a lot easier to clean. Pretty much the entire product should be totally fine with mild soap.


Fill your sink with warm, soapy water, place Vibrator in the sink, use a soft cloth or hands to massage soap into the toy and get it clean and then rinse thoroughly with fresh water from the tap. It really is that simple. I would advise leaving it to air dry but you can use a towel if you prefer although you may end up with some unwanted fluff from the towel.


We have some soaps that can help you keep your products nice and fresh if you prefer not to use normal soap. Check out our Wicked Foam N Fresh Toy Cleaner.


There are additional products such as wipes etc which can help to keep your toys bacteria free but you can’t beat a proper wash with soap.


Although there are other methods such as bleaching and boiling, vibrators need to be handled with care due to their mechanical parts. Waterproof does not mean boiling water-proof!


Non-Waterproof Vibrators

With non-waterproof Vibrators you will need to take more care. 


Take a cloth, submerged it in warm soapy water and ring it off. Gently wipe down your toy with the damp cloth, making sure to be thorough. Again, if you would like to pat it dry you can or leave it to air dry.


Silicone Sex Toys


Silicone is the god tier material for sex toys. It is non-porous and non toxic so it is incredibly safe and easy to keep clean. With Silicone’s versatility its a firm favourite with many sex toy manufacturers.


Provided your silicone toy isn’t motorised (Please see the Vibrators section) you have several options when it comes to cleaning your silicone toy. You don’t need to sanitise your toy to within an inch of its life but be sure to do it on a regular basis.


Silicone isn't porous but it is micro-porous which means it can harbour unwanted smells. This is especially true if you are using a silicone anal toy. It may be nice and clean but the last thing you want is for it to start smelling like arse.


Boiling your toy for around 10 minutes (with the heat on), occasionally turning should do the trick. Be careful when removing it from the water and be sure to run it under some cold water again. You can also wash with soap and water if you like but it is not essential. Again, pat dry or leave to air dry.


How to clean a Fleshlight

Cleaning male sex toys can be a massive pain in the arse. The skin like material for Fleshlight is a patented material called SuperSkin and although it may feel amazing on the shaft, it’s incredibly sensitive and H.A.T.E.S soap.


The best way to clean your toy without destroying this sensitive sally is to first, remove the skin from the hard plastic case. Wash the case with warm soapy water and when drying, be sure that you have not left any moisture on the inside. Hold the SuperSkin under a free flowing tap and be sure to run water through both ends. Then, fill the sleeve with water, making sure to seal both ends with your hands and give it a good shake. Put your fingers inside and try to dislodge any trapped lube or cum while rinsing. Rinse and repeat a few more times and dry off.


Do not put the SuperSkin in the case until it is 100% dry as this can lead to mould and mildew growing on your favourite toy. Leave out to air dry, away from prying eyes.


In Cum-Clusion

Dirty sex toys can transmit Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis and more, so it is so important to stay on top of your cleaning routine. Make sure to invest in the correct cleaning necessities and store correctly. This will help you stay nice and healthy and also keep things nice and hygienic.


Let us know below in the comments how you go about cleaning your sex toys 👇👇👇

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