How To Give Good Head

How To Give Good Head

The humble blowjob, ah, the humble blowjob.

Blow jobs, one of the most well-known sex activities, can be a daunting undertaking in the bedroom. Giving head, on the other hand, may be sexy and enjoyable for both you and your partner.

We've got you covered if you're wondering how to provide a bj that will pleasure both of you. To help you improve your oral sex skills, we've put up this short guide on how to give the perfect blowjob.

We'll teach you how to give an excellent blowjob that will blow (pun intended) their mind, from what a bj is to tips and tactics. Continue reading if you're ready to become a bj pro!

What is a blowjob?

A blowjob is an oral sex act in which one person sucks their partner's penis and delivers some very delightful sensations with their mouth and tongue. Blowjobs, also known as fellatio, bj, blowie, or giving head, can be enjoyed as part of foreplay or as the main attraction. You can even offer a dildo a blowjob or strap-on for some sizzling sights that your lover will appreciate.

Why is it called a blowjob?

A blowjob, despite its name, has nothing to do with blowing. Instead, you use your mouth and tongue to stimulate your partner's penis with a combination of licking and sucking. There are several hypotheses about the origins of the word, but our favourite is that it's a contraction of the Victorian phrase 'below-job' (which makes sense, right?). That isn't something you learn in school...

What does a blowjob feel like?

The penis is an erogenous zone with a lot of tingle nerve endings. These nerve endings can offer great pleasure to your lover and make them feel fantastic when massaged by your mouth and tongue.

Why do men like blow jobs?

Because they stimulate such a sensitive area, blow jobs feel nice for men and people with penises. In addition, unlike a handjob, your partner won't be able to duplicate the sensation, making it much more exciting when you go down there. Some men and penis-owners may prefer to cum this manner because blowjobs can make them orgasm.

How to give the best blowjob

Now that you've learned what a blowjob is, it's time to learn how to give a decent blowjob.

Various people and bodies prefer different things when it comes to bjs, so it's always a good idea to check in with your partner before things become too hot and heavy. They are the finest judges of their own bodies and can tell you what they like (and don't like). This way, you can avoid embarrassing situations and figure out how to make them feel great.

Here are our top 10 blowjob recommendations for when you've both decided it's time to give oral a try:

  1. Show that you’re enjoying it

The greatest method to give a blow job is to want to do it before you even start. A blowjob, like any other sex act, is only enjoyable if both participants are into it. And don't forget to tell your spouse if you're having fun! Looking up at your partner, taking your time, or telling them how much it turns you on are all ways to achieve this.

  1. Set the pace

Setting a consistent tempo and pace, just like when giving a handjob, is a fantastic place to start. Switch things up and keep your spouse guessing to keep them guessing. Begin slowly and gradually increase the speed to heighten the suspense.

  1. Use your hands

To give a decent blowjob, you don't have to use only your mouth. Start slowly with your hands to get your partner in the mood when you're ready to get things started. As you move your tongue up and down the shaft, you can also use your hands at the base of the penis to provide some hold.

  1. Switch up your positions

Change your and your partner's positions to keep things interesting. Sit on the edge of the bed/sofa with your spouse, then get down on your knees. Alternatively, for some delightful mutual pleasure, try the classic 69 position.

  1. Don’t stop when they’re coming

It's tempting to take a backseat and let your spouse enjoy the ride when they're nearing the big 'O.' Rather than stopping, slow down and make subtle movements to maintain momentum and assist your partner in crossing the finish line.

  1. Make eye contact

Do you want to dial up the heat a notch? Making eye contact with your partner can make your blowjob feel even more intimate and satisfying. Take the penis of your lover in your mouth and gently glance up to push them over the edge.

  1. Make noise

So, we already know that the greatest method to give a blow job is to demonstrate excitement, and what better way to show you're having a good time than to make some noise? To set the mood, use your breath, groan, or attempt a little nasty banter.

  1. Explore other areas

Using your hands and tongue to explore various parts of your partner's body can add another layer to the experience, similar to varying your speed. Paying attention to other sensitive and erogenous zones can truly turn your partner on, from massaging their balls to licking their thighs.

  1. Use a condom and/or lube

Condoms and lube can improve sex, but did you realize they're used for more than simply penetration? Adding some lubricant down there can make the whole procedure go much more smoothly, and lube is far better at keeping things slippery than spit. Why not try flavoured lubricant and condoms to take your oral game to the next level for a little fun?

  1. Communicate

Getting your partner to chat is the best approach to figure out how to pleasure them. Before and throughout the event, ask them what they appreciate to ensure you're prioritizing their enjoyment. You can also listen to their breathing (and any noises they make) to get a sense of what's working and what isn't if they're bashful.

Using sex toys for a more intense blowjob

Do you want to take things to the next level? Your mouth will feel fantastic on its own, but adding a toy or two can elevate your bjs to new heights.

Try the Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker on their shaft while kissing the base and balls if your lover's penis is on the larger side. This textured sleeve will provide additional depth to your session while also improving the experience of your partner.

Bring in a finger vibrator and use your hands to explore the rest of their body as your mouth works on their penis. To add some extra pleasures, stroke their inner thighs, perineum, or even their nips.

Finally, if your partner is interested, you can use anal sex toys to add anal play to your blowjob. To make everything comfy, spray a generous amount of anal lubrication.

More blowjob tips

Avoid using your teeth

Because the penis is so sensitive, it's usually better not to use your teeth when providing a bj. If your teeth are bothering you, wrap your lips around them or concentrate on stimulating the head of the penis while your hands work on the shaft.

Spit or swallow - it's up to you

Some penis-owners will want to finish in your mouth when it comes to the big finale. However, this does not imply that you must swallow. You can swallow or spit it out quietly into a nearby towel, tissue, or bin when your lover ejaculates in your mouth. It's entirely up to you whether you want to spit or swallow, so do what seems right to you.

Take breaks

Remember how blowjobs are only enjoyable if you and your partner are equally into it? If you're starting to lose interest or are getting weary, talk to your partner about taking a break. You don't have to sit quietly; use your hands to take a break from talking or explore your partner's entire body to keep them guessing.

Keep it clean

When it comes to blowjobs and oral sex, cleanliness is essential. It's quite OK to ask your partner to take a brief shower before the party begins. You're welcome to join them for some pre-game fun.

How do I stop my gag reflex?

A sexy bj's flow can be disrupted by an accidental gag, which can be a mood killer. Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth if you're worried about your gag reflex. You'll be able to block your throat and avoid triggering your gag reflex this way.

But keep in mind that this response exists for a cause, so don't be embarrassed if giving head makes you gag. Just pause for a bit before returning to the room.

Finally, whether it's a joke or not, if blowjobs aren't your thing, you don't have to do it! Your partner should respect your boundaries and avoid pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do.

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