How To Have A Blended Orgasm

How To Have A Blended Orgasm

How To Have A Blended Orgasm

Who doesn't want to have several orgasms? Stay right here to discover everything there is to know about mixed orgasm and how to master it. There's a way to get tremendously strong numerous orgasms whether you have a dong or a deep canal... Have we whetted your appetite? Oh, keep reading for enticing tips on how to get more oohs in the bedroom - or on the floor, sofa, or anywhere else!

Hang on, what is a blended orgasm?

Many definitions of 'blended orgasm' focus on the simultaneous stimulation and orgasm of the clitoris and vaginal region. However, it's essentially describing many orgasms occurring at the same time, which may happen to anyone, regardless of sex! Yes, you don't have to worry about FOMO if you possess a penis. All ears? The blended orgasm can produce a more intense, full-body sensation.

What types of orgasms are there?

And now you’re wondering “Well, how many orgasms are there?!”

You’d be surprised…

Sit down, put the kettle on, as you’re about to be blown away; hey, that may even become literal once you’ve finished reading and inspired yourself.

Female orgasms

Let's start with the bodies that have vaginal openings. As previously stated, many people immediately think of clitoral and vaginal stimulation, not to mention the G-spot: squirting 101! Let's take a look at some of the most prevalent female orgasms.


Given that women, on average, woman are unable to achieve orgasm without the aid of clitoral stimulation, this is the biggie, and the one that's most likely triggering those moans, screams, eughs, ahhs, oohs - whatever comes out!

This small pleasure button (shaped like a pea) is mainly tucked away under a hood, above the vaginal opening, while not excited, but comes out to play when the blood starts to flow. And it's vital to remember that when it comes to dildos and hand movements, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method!

Some people enjoy tongue activity, while others prefer strokes or hand caressing and rubbing. Whatever the action, the clitoris is a highly sensitive area of the body, with 8,000 tiny nerve endings (did you know the penis has about 4,000?). Touches, flicks, and strokes across the area and surrounding labia stimulate blood flow, prompting the clitoris to appear and say, "Oh, hey there, you'd better be going someplace with this!"


The G-spot orgasm is another entertaining one. It's not quite as elusive as it's commonly portrayed. It is placed on the front wall of the vagina, almost midway between the vaginal opening and the cervix, and is not visible but can surely be felt. So, how do you get it going? Normally, a finger is inserted into the vaginal canal and pressed forward as though performing a come-hither motion. A ridged or bumpy area that feels spongy should be present.

You can get ready for an explosive orgasm and even some squirting action if you're patient and lucky by softly pushing and caressing this region. To initiate an out-of-this-world climax, you can use sex toys like vibrators and dildos, fingers, or a partner's penis to press on it. Why not dress up as an alien dildo and explore new terrain with your lover, eh?

Deep vaginal

While many women don't orgasm solely from vaginal penetration, it's not as uncommon as you may assume - or at least it shouldn't be. There are certain extra erogenous zones (moan zones) deep inside that canal that, when stroked in the appropriate way, can cause an instant deep vaginal orgasm.

You've got your G-spot, but you also have the A-spot and the O-spot. The A-spot is located on the vagina's upper front (or anterior) wall, just beneath the cervix, while the O-spot (O for orgasm, of course) is located on the vagina's rear wall, almost behind the cervix. Because of the noise-making nerves, these places are extremely sensitive. That means that if you fill a penis, toy, or fingers deep enough, you can induce climax-contracting orgasms. It's the ideal time to test a fist dildo to see how deep you can go.


Is it time to support some anal action? It's not for everyone, but it's definitely worth a try. You could be in for an amazing experience if you use the appropriate anal lubrication and procedures. You can orgasm from anal, that's right. Because the anus and the vagina are so close together, joined by a narrow stretch of tissue called the perineum, the anus shares many of the same nerves and muscles as the vagina, including the pelvic-floor muscle. For many vaginal owners, this muscle is quite sensitive, therefore stimulating it can cause a vaginal and anal orgasm. Add in a double penetration dildo and you've got yourself a screaming good time.

Male orgasms

Now it's time to look at those bodies with penises. Don't worry, we won't leave you out. Do you think it's merely ejaculation orgasm? Reconsider your position. In truth, an orgasm and an ejaculation are two distinct activities, as you can ejaculate without having an orgasm and vice versa. So, for those of you with a penis, let's go through several various forms of orgasms.


Let's start with the most obvious. Ejaculation is the term for a penile orgasm. The penis likes to spew out its love fluid after rhythmic shaft stimulation - oral, vaginal, or by hand - to show how appreciative it is. A strong thrust or seductive stroking action might make the bedding sticky.

Multiple penile orgasms

Because an ejaculation and an orgasm are two distinct events, you can truly train yourself to experience many orgasms, as we previously stated. Ejaculation is a biological response that frequently occurs shortly after an orgasm. The orgasm is the sensation felt in the brain and body as a result of all of the body's tension-relieving chemical and biological processes. To achieve numerous orgasms, the training involves practicing detaching the physical process of ejaculation from a more sophisticated activity or orgasm.

Prostate and Anal

Prostate orgasm

Ladies have the G-spot (along with the A-, C-, and O-spots! ), but penis-owners have a P-spot as well. The letter P stands for prostate. You should know that the gland that is a part of the male reproductive system enjoys a little fun as well. Internal or external massage can stimulate the area, resulting in, oh yeah, orgasm! It's been said that some people think it's even better than the penile orgasm.

Anal orgasm

An anal orgasm, unlike a prostate orgasm, can be induced by skilled rimming or other anal-play procedures. Those groans will come out as the anal orgasm is attained by stimulating the rectal canal or anal hole - with another penis, toy, fingers, or tongue. To impress, get those anal sex toys and anal beads out.

Testicular Orgasm

Dare you to try testicular orgasm if you have the balls? Your balls aren't simply for experiencing unpleasant pain; there's also good pain to be had! Pressure, massage, and controlled-pain techniques can greatly increase the sensitivity down there. Constrictions to the balls and penis are used in cock and ball torture (also known as ball-busting), and it's a lot of fun.

Urethral orgasm

You can attain a noisy orgasm here by using urethral sounds. You can moan and groan until you reach an orgasm, which will be music to your playmate's ears, by putting special rods into your urethra. You can obtain some truly unusual sensations here, and if it sounds too difficult, don't worry: we've got you covered with our urethral sounding beginner's guide.

How to have a male blended orgasm

So, if you have a penis, how can you create a blended orgasm with all those different forms of male orgasms? It all depends on which holes and body parts you choose to play with! Those sex devices are your best buddies when it comes to getting many orgasms. Butt plugs fit snuggly in your... you guessed it, butthole, while penis plugs, yeah, perfectly-made penis plugs, can be used for urethral stimulation. As you peak with a urethral or penile orgasm, aim for a prostate or anal orgasm; there's great satisfaction to be gained in all locations!

For another blended orgasm, your lover can massage and cup those balls while stroking and grasping the shaft. Alternatively, get a tantalizing tongue involved, and have someone else give you a mind-blowing rim job while your penis is caressing. This week, give them some raunchy research and have them study our rimming beginner's guide.

How to have a blended orgasm for women

Who's up for some simultaneous, soak-the-sheets orgasms? We can feel their hands rising. Having your lover penetrate you with some fantastic fisting for some deep vaginal orgasms will help you sense that as well. They can lick the clit for an intense session while they're down there. Alternatively, have their penis or a strap-on dildo thrust into you as the hand stimulates the clitoris and labia.

What's more, guess what? With a double penetration dildo, you can fill all those holes while touching the clit and labia area; simply read our tutorial on how to master double penetration to get started. Don't forget about the G-spot. For a magnificent orgasm, glide in with a dildo or penis to stimulate that aching wall while utilising hands for clitoral stroking. With some nipple-play thrown in for good measure, you've got one hell of a mixed orgasm.

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