How To Normalise Aftercare In Your Sex Life

How To Normalise Aftercare In Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex, there's a lot of emphasis on foreplay and its importance—but what about after the full shebang?

When it comes to sexual interactions, foreplay, foreplay, foreplay—really it's crucial because it prepares your body and mind. It helps lubricate us up so intercourse can be pleasant and enjoyable, especially for my women and vulva owners out there.

Hugging, stroking, kissing, touching, getting handsy, and mouthing are all essential pre-sexy acts for you and your partner(s).

Sex is emotional, whether you like it or not, because a whole slew of hormones are released while you're being stimulated and getting personal. Your body and mind will be ecstatic, especially if you and your partner have climaxed, but what happens when it's all over?

I've recently realised how frequent post-sex blues are. After intercourse, I've experienced feelings of depression and even on the verge of tears. Even if I was in a wonderful relationship or had just had a sensational sexual encounter.

Before I realised how many of my friends felt the same way, I believed I was insane.

After doing some research and speaking with several friends, I discovered that Post-Coital Dysphoria might trigger those feelings (PCD). It's a term that explains the negative emotions we can experience after engaging in pleasurable, consenting sex, and it can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons—but we'll get into that later.

After acknowledging these feelings, I've realised how critical aftercare is in attempting to avoid or alleviate PCD. There is a lot of discussion about what to do before and during sex, but there isn't much discussion about what you, or you and your partner, should do afterwards.

I'd like to welcome all of my young people who are navigating new relationships, whether romantic or casual, to join me in my journey.

After learning what I go through after sex, I'm making a pledge to myself this year to convey my wishes and needs not only during, but also after sex.

It might be difficult to understand how to convey your desires to a partner, especially a casual one, when you are young. But believe me when I say that it is well worth your time, and most of the time they will respond.

This year, I'll inform my sexual partners how important aftercare is to me and offer some suggestions for how we may make it happen:

+ Lying and snuggling in bed together

+ Chatting in bed

+ Putting on a Netflix show

+ Falling asleep together

There are a variety of additional methods to look after your spouse after sex, and it will be appreciated even if you are not in a relationship. Find out how you can meet their aftercare requirements while sharing your own. Everyone comes out on top.

I sincerely hope that the topic of aftercare with a partner becomes more widely discussed so that everyone can have the most pleasurable sexual experience possible, as we all deserve it.

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