How To Talk Dirty: Perfecting The Art of Dirty Chat

How To Talk Dirty: Perfecting The Art of Dirty Chat

If you’ve ever wanted to talk dirty to your lover, but tend to end up totally tongue-tied, read this guide to pick up the ultimate tips and tricks.

Want to spice things up with some nasty talk but don't know where to begin? Then it's time to channel Xtina from the early 2000s, crank up the heat, and get 'dirty' with us...

You've come to the right place if you want to send a few dirty SMS, play a game of dirty dares, or just have some dirty things to say between the sheets.

Although dirty discussion has a terrible reputation, it's actually a terrific way to spice up your relationship while also letting your lover know exactly what you prefer.

It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get into the swing of things, you'll be chatting dirty ideas and sending saucy texts while they’re at work in no time.

Why try dirty chat?

There are many reasons to give dirty chat a go inside, and outside, the bedroom.

For starters, it can help you increase sexual tension, get in the mood, and relax. Talking naughty thoughts out loud in bed with your spouse can easily lead to foreplay, stroking, and teasing. It can even increase the intensity and excitement of sex.

Meanwhile, if you're away from your lover and want to send some naughty text messages, it might be a great way to keep the flame alive. Imagine how amazing the sex will be when you meet them again!

You may also try Facetiming or making a dirty phone call to your partner. Simply gather your toys, dim the lights, and lube up, and you're ready to go!

How to talk dirty: dos and don’ts

First and foremost, talk to your partner about it. Before you dive in, make sure it's something they're interested in doing as well; you never know, they might be just as excited as you are!

Check out these tips and methods for doing the dirty (in a good manner!) whenever you're ready to give it a shot.

  1. Do: Set some ground rules

Before you try talking nasty or sending dirty texts, talk to your spouse about any boundaries they may have or themes they'd rather avoid. That way, you'll both be as relaxed as possible when you go into it.

Likewise, if either of you finds it to be too much at any moment, it's fine to back off and take a break. It isn't for everyone, and you may discover that it isn't for you.

  1. Do: Find out what they like

Part of the fun of dirty discussion is getting your partner all worked up, which requires learning what they like and what turns them on.

It could be a hidden threesome fantasy that they'd love to hear you describe aloud, or it could be telling them just how you want them to please you... whatever it is, play with it and expect things to heat up fast!

  1. Do: Tell them how turned on you are

Tell your partner if you're having fun!

After all, there's nothing more enticing than knowing your other half is enthralled by what you say and do...

  1. Do: Tell them what you want to do to them (and vice versa!)

It can be a lot of fun to tell your partner exactly what you want them to do to you while you're thinking of dirty things to say.

Begin gently with kisses, strokes, and touches before moving on to the more devilish aspects... Do you want them to do you from behind? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at rimming?

You may take your dirty talk wherever you want it to go as long as they're comfortable, open-minded, and eager to hear your darkest wishes...

  1. Do: Try some dirty dares

Why not try out some dirty dares if you're planning an at-home date night?

To further heat things up, you may agree on some nasty forfeits (such as taking off a piece of clothing) or use toys like blindfolds and handcuffs.

Try our truth or dare card game or have some fun with these wicked dice if you're out of dares.

  1. Do: Have fun with it!

Make an effort not to overthink it. For both of you, talking nasty should be a pleasurable experience.

  1. Don’t: judge them.

It's crucial to keep an open mind while having a dirty convo with your spouse. Don't laugh at them if they say something you didn't expect, and try not to judge them.

Being open and honest with your partner, as well as willing to listen to their desires, will only strengthen your relationship.

  1. Don’t: Get pushy

Don't be forceful with your partner, either. It's a good idea to tone it down or focus on something else if you're saying weird things to them and they're looking put off or spooked out.

Making them feel uneasy is the last thing you want to do.

  1. Don’t: Comment negatively on specifics

Avoid making comments about your partner's size or shape. It's best to keep to positive comments and compliments because your lover may have insecurities you're not aware of.

  1. Don’t: Feel pressure

Don't put too much strain on yourself. Remember, it's supposed to be enjoyable! If it leads to foreplay and sex, that's terrific; if it doesn't, don't worry about it. The more you do it, the more it will come naturally. Before you know it, you'll be an expert in nasty conversation!

The Best Dirty Talk Examples

Looking for ideas of sexy texts to send, or want to know what to say during sex? Turn to our list and get stuck in!

  1. I'm dripping wet and aching to have you.
  2. Fuck me, now!
  3. I promise to be your sex slave for the evening.
  4. I'm naked and touching myself…
  5. You make me so horny.
  6. Put your big, hard cock in my mouth.
  7. Get the camera!
  8. Tie me up and tease me.
  9. Spray your cum over my tits.
  10. Fuck me like a porn star!
  11. I’m desperate to taste you
  12. Don’t stop doing that…
  13. I love the feeling of your slick pussy
  14. I need to feel you inside me
  15. Fuck me harder
  16. Deeper!
  17. I’ve been a bad girl (or boy). I need to be punished.
  18. I want you to dominate me
  19. I can’t stop fantasising about (X,Y,Z)
  20. I’m craving the feel of you.

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