Naughty Never Felt So Good - The Spanking Guide

Naughty Never Felt So Good - The Spanking Guide

Spanking has grown extremely popular in recent years and is an excellent way to test your authority, spice up your foreplay, or enjoy the increased pleasure that comes with a little bit of pain. Are you enticed? We're sure you are, so keep reading for our comprehensive spanking tutorial - bend over and do it right!

What is spanking?

If you're new to the realm of bondage, the concept of pain feeling pleasurable may seem strange. If that's the case, we have a question for you: have you ever gone to the gym? Or do you want to go for a run? When we push our bodies to their limits, the chemicals in our brain, combined with the physical and emotional release, can give us a major adrenaline rush that feels... fantastic. Spanking works on a similar premise, however it may not burn as many calories. We're guessing it depends on your level of activity.

Our bodies are hard-wired to accept a little discomfort in exchange for pleasure. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released when you are aroused, and it has acquired the moniker "love" hormone. Furthermore, research has shown that oxytocin can improve your pain tolerance. When you're not in the mood, something that can feel a touch too much becomes an appealing lip-biting sting behind closed doors.

It's also really intimate; you're placing a lot of faith in your partner when you're at each other's mercy, which can be very seductive.

Why do people like spanking?

It can feel a little forbidden when you first enter the bondage realm, as if something is wrong with you for enjoying pain. We're here to tell you that liking spanking has nothing to do with who you are. All it implies is that you are in charge of your own quirks and needs, and that you know exactly what you want in the bedroom. It's seductive to be assertive, and it's exactly what we want to see.

People have tried to portray folks who enjoy a little BDSM or bondage as damaged, which has been a lot less fun. You must be a little odd if pain gets you off, right?

Wrong. In no way, shape, or form. 'I want to be spanked,' for example, is actually beneficial and demonstrates that you know what you want and can communicate it to your partner. There is also mounting evidence that those who practice BDSM have greater mental health than their non-practicing colleagues. There's also scientific evidence to support it. If you needed another cause to indulge in your fantasies, we've just given you the ideal one.

But, jokes aside, there's no reason to be ashamed of your desire for a good spanking, whether you're the one on the receiving end or the one on the receiving end of the paddle. Take a chance.

Getting started with spanking

It's difficult to bring the matter up in the bedroom, but the best way to do so is to talk about it with your partner. Any sort of bondage and BDSM activity, especially if it involves pain, requires communication. This means that before you start anything too serious, you should really agree on limits and safewords.

However, for some people, saying "I want you to spank me" is tough. It's easier to introduce it when you're in the heat of the moment; a nice, soft slap during sex should tell you everything you need to know. If they're into it, you can ask if they want more, or you can ask them to do the same to you, knowing that they won't be surprised.

Bend over, baby.

How to give a spanking

Unfortunately, when it comes to spanking, there are a few guidelines to follow. After all, you're inflicting agony on one another, so it's best to be cautious at all times to avoid injuring someone. Fortunately, our spanking handbook lays them all out for you.

The do's of spanking

DO warm up beforehand - Warm up the area you're about to spank, not just do a few stretches (unless that helps you, of course). Light hand pats and spanks will aid to stimulate circulation; when the skin pinks up, blood circulation rises, which acts as a cushion against a paddle, crop, or flogger. It'll be much less likely to leave a mark this way.

DO make sure everything is agreed upon - Before you play, you must decide on the tools you will employ and the frequency with which you will hit. Above all, make sure you're both aware of the safeword, which is the word you'll utter to immediately halt all activity.

DO keep an eye on your partner - Keep an eye on their reactions, especially any noises or movements they make, to determine whether or not you should back off. Especially if you're a beginner, because the receiver might not be aware of their own limitations.

The don'ts of spanking

DON'T hit in the no-go areas - There are specific parts of the body where spanking is appropriate, and others where it is not. We'll go over those in greater detail later, but it's critical that you never cross those lines. You could not only make the receiver furious, but you could also do serious bodily harm to them.

DON'T push your partner past their limits - There's a reason why safewords exist. If you hear your agreed-upon word, immediately stop spanking and go right to the aftercare.

DON'T overdo it - Don't get carried away; instead, release any tension you have on your partner by managing how often you hit and how hard you hit. This is supposed to be a fun aspect of sex or a larger BDSM scene.

What should I use to spank?

Isn't it true that variety is the spice of life? That's why the fact that there are so many spanking alternatives available is amazing. Each of the several "tools" available to you brings something fresh to the table, so choose wisely.

Bare hands

Nothing compares to the sting of skin on skin contact. When you use your hands, you have complete control over the impact on your partner. Spreading your fingers to cover a broader surface area? Or should they be held together for a more effective spanking? How much of the palm are you talking about? We'll delegate the finer points to you.


Floggers may appear to be very intense and threatening at first impression. The curling strands appear to promise anguish with each strike, but floggers are actually one of the gentlest instruments available - depending on how they're used. To build anticipation, lightly slide the ends over the skin before bringing them down in a cascade of tingling pain. Practice obtaining a real bite with a rapid flick of the wrist for maximum impact.


When big, flat, and wide paddles make contact with the skin, they generate a loud and gratifying slap, and they allow the wielder to spread the impact out over a large area. This can produce less acute and targeted pain than crops or whips, but it has a little more force than a hand, making it ideal for spanking beginners who are just getting started.


It was designed for horses, but it's also great for taking your lover on a ride. Crops have a limited tip surface area, but the flexible swish of the handle allows you to give really sharp, sweet, and stinging swats. Spanking addicts who can handle something a little more extreme would love this.


Whips are the most effective spanking equipment available. There's no way to describe how much fun you'll have. Sex whips are basically exclusively for the experienced, since controlling that much length and being able to deliver your hits exactly where you want them requires a lot of practice.

Positions for spanking

This is where our beginner's spanking tutorial really shines...

Assume your new role! But which one should you pick? Remember to consider both your partner's and your own comfort when positioning them, especially if you're planning a luxuriously long session of pain and punishment.

The warm up

So they're in the position, and you're ready to start spanking them, but do you just pull out your weapon of choice and begin? No. Begin by lightly massaging the buttocks and thighs, giving it a good squeeze now and again to improve circulation and blood flow. As a type of spanking foreplay, build up your spanks from light to heavy; you'll know the skin is ready for more when it begins to blush a gorgeous pink.

Lying face down

We recommend lying face down on the bed for beginners, with a couple of pillows under your hips to elevate things up a little. It's relaxed and comfy, yet keeping everything open and visible.

Over the knee

Over the knee spanking is one of the most intimate positions, with a traditional disciplinarian vibe - so hot. It's ideal for restricting the arms and legs if you're using hands, paddles, or crops, or even if you're taking things to the next level.


Doggy-style can actually help to increase the sensations you're feeling, whether it's during intercourse or not. The skin is stretched significantly tighter, thus every hit will be felt.

Spanking aftercare

After the spanking scene is over, it's really important to take some time to relax, cuddle up and discuss what's just happened, and apply some soothing lotions to help those warmed-up cheeks.

Your body will load up with hormones and chemicals during intensive BDSM play, essentially keeping you in a heightened state, especially if you're the one receiving the pain. When the scenario ends, your adrenaline levels drop dramatically, and you may suffer an endorphin crash. The'sub drop' is named after the fact that it is generally the submissive who has been overwhelmed with hormones. Staying comfortable, hydrated, and reminding yourself that what just happened between two consenting adults was incredible and nothing to be ashamed of is the answer. In no time, you'll be ready for round two.

So, what do you have to lose? It's time to get your hands dirty and test the waters until you find the sweet spot. It's never felt so fantastic to be naughty...

Shop the spanking edit for all your spanking basics, or read Madam Storm's guide to fetishes and BDSM to learn more about the world of bondage.

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