Sex-ercise: The Best Sex Positions For An Extra Workout

Sex-ercise: The Best Sex Positions For An Extra Workout

Sex-ercises: The Best Sex Positions for an Extra Workout

We all know how beneficial sex can be. Not only is it beneficial to your mental health since all of the "feel-good" hormones are released in our brains, but it can also be beneficial to your physical health because it burns calories and tones our bodies. According to recent study, sex is similar to light-moderate exercise, burning between 3 and 4 calories each minute. What an exciting experience!

Which sex positions, however, are the most beneficial to your physical fitness? And, if you choose to forgo the gym in favor of a more enjoyable pastime, how can you include different positions and exercises into your bedroom to tone different regions of your body? We've teamed up with two sex and fitness specialists to show you how to improve your lovemaking, stimulate different muscles, and increase your heart rate.

Is Sex Actually a Workout? Over Half of Brits Think So

Not only does being turned on and anticipating pleasure get our hearts beating, but it also activates a number of different muscles through a variety of postures, which can really help strengthen, tone, and burn calories. And, according to our poll of nearly 2000 sexually active adults, half of the country believes sex is a workout. It turns out that one in every four British men and women between the ages of 18 and 44 keeps track of their heart rate and calories burned during sexual encounters.

If you're looking to burn calories, you don't even need to commit to a long, intense sexual session; some hot and sensual kissing would suffice. "Passionate kissing, which can burn roughly 2 calories per minute on its own, and you could wind up burning just as much as some less strenuous 15-minute fitness programs," says sexologist and biomechanics coach Ness Cooper.

Even though sex burns five times as many calories as doing something stationary like reading or watching TV, Julia Kotziamani, Sex, Relationship, and Fitness Coach, warns that sex shouldn't replace our regular workout routines entirely (although we don't think it would hurt to do it now and then, it's a lot more fun than going to the gym). "An average 25-minute sex session of heteronormative couples enjoying penetrative intercourse, including foreplay, can burn 101 calories for men and 69 calories for women, but the calorie expenditure of sex can be lower when compared to a jog."

The Best Sex Positions to Work Different Muscle Groups

If your busy schedule means you're spending less time with your partner or haven't made it to the gym yet, it doesn't mean you have to skip leg day entirely. Why don't you combine the two? Combine these positions to engage different muscle areas and get a full-body exercise while spending quality time with your partner.


Most sex positions at some point will impact your abs, from crunch to plank style (doggy or missionary) positions, you will work your core through the different thrusts and grinds.

Abdominal position how to’s: Love Tug, Heart to Heart, Looking Glass, The Pelvic Pike


Different squatting positions for both men and women are excellent for glutes. This includes cowgirl and bridge positions for females. These are excellent places to include toys, particularly vibrators.

Glutes position how to’s: Concertina, Yogi, Liberated Lover, Kanga-ooh!

Chest and shoulders

Doggy style, or the wheelbarrow, is the most evident position here, since you support your body weight with your arms and chest. Standing postures and missionary-style positions, on the other hand, are ideal for those who have penises or wear strap-ons since they support a portion of their partner's body.

Chest and shoulder positions how to’s: On your Marks, Nose Dive, Trick Or(al) Treat, Saddle Up


Standing poses are the most effective for working your legs vigorously. As you thrust in and out of your partner - or keep yourself stable if you're on the receiving end - you'll need to employ all of your leg muscles. When you factor in your partner's weight, the exercise becomes much more intense.

Legs position how to’s: Hold on Tight, Hot Squat, Flying High, A Leg Up

Sex tip: “Sex can activate all kinds of muscles, but before diving in, make sure you add in foreplay as a warm-up to your workout-style sex session. This will not only prepare your body but can burn up to 100 calories per hour’ - Ness Cooper

What the UK Thinks are the Most Physical Sex Positions

We asked sexually active British people to tell us which sex positions they believe cause the most bodily discomfort. Doggy is the most popular response, followed by Cowgirl and Missionary. And, based on the aforementioned professional advice, they're on the right route!

A sexual workout plan

We've devised a week-long sex training schedule with Julia Kotziamani and Ness Cooper that not only targets your core muscle groups, but we can pretty much guarantee is more fun than surrounded by sweaty strangers at the gym (unless that's your thing, then please do!)

To start your workout right the coaches suggest starting with both a hot and cold shower. _“_This will start invigorating your body, promoting thermogenesis (calorie burning), and will make you very aware of your body's sensations, heightening pleasure when you get down to it,” says Julia.

Naturally, the longer and more intense the sex, the more calories are burned. Interval sessions, in which your heart rate rapidly increases, are ideal for an aggressive workout. So get ready to push and bounce your way to a more toned physique!

Sex tip: For additional muscle toning fun, try some of your foreplay in different squatting positions. And don’t forget to stretch!

Ness Cooper is a sex expert at The Sex Consultant and is a pelvic floor biomechanics coach and Pilates instructor.

Julia Kotziamani is a sex and relationships coach and fitness instructor.


The survey data in this study was based on a survey of 2000 adults in the UK who have previously had sex, which took place in November 2021.

Gender splits are based on respondents choosing how they identify.


The sex workout programme was developed for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as health advice.

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