Have you ever wondered how your masturbation habits stack up to others?


Well, wonder no more.


There is a drastic difference between how we all get our rocks off. For starters, it might not be a surprise to hear that the frequency at which men tame the one eyed snake is significantly higher than the frequency that we flick the bean. A study of 4000 men in England and Australia showed that 64% of them masturbate every day or multiple times a week versus women who came in at 34%.



British people are also marginally more frisky than Australians. 


So how often so we really ‘do it’?

Interestingly, people stated that they were sure they masturbated a lot less often than ‘other people do’. Apparently, we underestimate how often we actually have ‘time alone’.


In the world of self love, familiarity breeds comfort and 64% of people have confessed to having a ‘go-to’ masturbating routine! For men, it often involves watching porn with 70% confirming this is their biggest turn on, while using their hand to get the desired result. Interestingly, 80% of men only use their hands to get themselves off. This is despite there being a wide range of sex toys available to enhance a guys pleasure. Women on the other hand, 50% of them in fact, have a masturbation routine that involves some form of sex toy.


Surprisingly, 2 thirds of men have NEVER used a sex toy to masturbate despite over half having used one on their partner. However, ladies find sex toys a clear winner. 73% have used one in a solo act and a further 61% have used one with a partner in the bedroom!


Different strokes for different folks is definitely a running theme when it comes to sex toys but when asked, ladies stated that the reason they reached for the hardware was to enhance their experience. Not only that but 1 in 5 women stated that it is actually a necessity for them in order to reach climax. This could be because carefully designed sex toys with their vibrations and power do things that fingers just cant. For men, that isn’t so much of an issue and probably why they stick to the five knuckle shuffle.



That being said, men could be missing out. There are now a wide range of toys designed specifically for the male satisfaction factor including cock ringsvibrating vaginas and fleshlights. When asked, men stated that the decision to not use a sex toy in their solo adventures was mainly down to the added effort it would require to clean up.


Breaking down the stigma


Researched showed that there is still some stigma among men, with many having a level of discomfort around the idea of using a male sex toy for masturbation. Sex toys have so much to offer in terms of pleasure and experience for men as well as women. We think its time to start moving past the taboo and encourage you all to take your self love to the next level. Your first steps into the sex toy world can be overwhelming and daunting but we have lots of articles here and to come, that can help guide you so that you don’t miss out!

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