Top 6 Foreplay Positions

Top 6 Foreplay Positions

Achieving head splitting, mind numbing orgasms has little to do with having a porn star-like skillset. The secret actually lies in the foreplay and investing your time and attention into learning what gets your partner's motor running, and what kind of emotional and physical stimulation is needed to get them slipperier than an otters pocket.


Below you will find the top 6 foreplay positions that are guaranteed to help you and your partner connect, get the blood flowing in the right direction and the juices flowing freely. 

Also, keep in mind that foreplay doesn't have to lead to sex. Having it as the main event can often be just as satisfying!


Dry humping as it can be known as, can be extremely underrated and pleasurable, when it comes to intimate play. Rub-A-Dub is a perfect example of how you can explore your partner's body, limbs, lumps and bumps to enjoy all the perks that come with a good old rub.

The bottom partner lies on their front and the top partner positions themselves on all fours, facing their partners feet. If the top partner has a penis, lube up and place it between you the bottom partner's butt cheeks and bump and grind away. If the top partner has a vulva, they can position it over one of the bottom partners butt cheeks or thighs, and rub their clit against it.



Let’s Talk About It

Get into your birthday suits and sit at opposite ends of your couch and take part in a two way masturbation conversation.

Watching can be a real turn on and it can turn you on knowing you are having the desired effect on your partner. It can be daunting at first but it can be one of the most sexually liberating things you do your sex life. 

Position yourself at either end of the sofa so you are facing one another and have at it. Maintain eye contact throughout to up the intensity levels and pleasure yourself like nobody's watching.

The Hand Shake

Taking a moment to get up close and personal with your other half can bring a whole host of benefits and can be explosive.

Stand facing your partner with your hands approximately 2 inches away from their crotch. Let your bodies come into each other's hands as opposed to your hands taking the lead. You're essentially having sex with each others hands. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can even introduce some sex toys into the mix including clitoral vibrators and handheld strokers such as fleshlights.



The Embrace

The Embrace isn't just a deeply intimate position, it also creates optimum angles for genital stimulation and can easily lead to oral delight. As an added bonus, it is also an access-all-areas kind of position, whether you are partial to a little nipple play or you are reaching for the perineum or clitoris.

So, one partner lies on their back, places their elbows and hands under their waist so that they are at a slight angle. The other partner then lies on their side and leans over to meet their lover, so that they come together at the pelvis.

The beauty of The Embrace is that it can be enjoyed as a form of foreplay, getting to know what makes each other tick, or as a sensual penetration position. If it leads to the full monty, make sure to make use of the easy access to each other's external hot spots for an explosion of combined internal and external stimulation.


If you love a bit of flirting with your masturbation, this is the position for you. Face off allows you to intensely gaze into your partner's eyes and talk your dirtiest talk while you rub, tease and stroke yourself to the big O. They can of course give you a helping hand if you let them.

Showing someone how to touch yourself is incredibly intimate, especially as masturbation is something which is often done in privacy. Not only are you able to teach your partner how to please you, you can also heighten the experience by talking them through how you are touching yourself.

Love Tug

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned reach around?! The Love Tug combines a full embrace with a jolly old tug or strum of the bean to get you to your happy place.

One partner gets on all fours with their legs slightly apart and the other partner kneels behind them and wraps their arms around them in a hug-like manner in order to get to the hot spots whether that is the nipples, penis or vulva.

The Love Tug creates ample opportunity for the partner to get well and truly stuck into delivering the best pace and intensity of rubbing, tugging and tweaking for the partner.

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